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BAGaSUTRA is not just a one night-stand.



 BAGaSUTRA-my-dog BAGaSUTRApole-po-gris-rose  BAGaSUTRA-figaro-PDTVgris 
 graphique-BAGaSUTRA-PSMS-PGF-RVF  BAGaSUTRAmariee-clop  BAGaSUTRAen-velo-a-paris
 BAGaSUTRAbranche-cuir-vert  BAGaSUTRA-Hcouture-cuir-vegetal-rose-RVV  BAGaSUTRA-proposition-cuir-naturel-et-choc-DTVetRVF
 BAGaSUTRA-noir-rose-orange  BAGaSUTRA-naturel-vert BAGaSUTRA-pochettes-couture-portees 
 rue-Amelie-Paris-SUR-MESURE  naturel-et-Fcroco-choc-BAGaSUTRA-proposition-cuir-vegetal-DTVetRVF  la-douceur-du-poil-ras-BAGaSUTRA
 BAGaSUTRA-proposition-cuir-poils-ras-jaune-et-vegetal-rubis-DTFetRVV  cuir-vegetal-BAGaSUTRA-POV-RVV BAGaSUTRAa-paris-en-velo 
 vive-la-mariée-BAGaSUTRA  BAGaSUTRA-PSMV-PGV-naturel  gris-noir-BAGaSUTRA-proposition-cuir-DTVetDTV
 BAGaSUTRaPOILras-naturel-zebre-  vert-couture-BAGaSUTRA  bracelet-graphique-porte-BAGaSUTRA
 sac-a-dos-besace- BAGaSUTRA  BAGaSUTRA-anthracite-jaune-Ppolpo-DTV-RVV  cuirs-BAGaSUTRA
BAGaSUTRA-emmene-moi-prends-garde-a-toi-fantaisie   BAGaSUTRA-cuir-rose-couture  BAGaSUTRA-carre-bracelet

You’re sure he’s the one.
With him, it’s different everyday.
With him, you can try all the positions you want.

His name is BAGaSUTRA, he’s smart, amazing and can satisfy your craving for bags.
He is there for you, by your side and transforms your day perfectly.
Slip in your essentials in the morning.
At lunch strip them down for your afternoon agenda.
That night, he is there. You are turning heads, dressed to kill for the evening.

This flexibility is essential to Catherine Loiret who has created her eponymous leather goods brand. After designing bags for Hermès, Lancel and Delvaux, she now wishes to give every woman the luxury of having one unique accessory that will fulfill all her desires.